Not Your Ordinary Customer Analytics.

Ipiphany™ uses i³ Cognitive Computing to make the sheer scale, complexity, and completeness of your analysis possible. Only Ipiphany™ simultaneously analyses all your customers structured and unstructured data, finding previously undetectable patterns and uncovering precise, unbias and meaningful insights you can trust and act on.


Why use i3 Cognitive Processing?

Machine Learning

Automatically discovering and filtering the most important patterns with respect to your business objectives.

Semantic Understanding

Ensuring important patterns and themes don't go undiscovered through encoding the meaning of words
and themes.

Theme Extraction

Expose the ‘unknown-unknowns’ through automated discovery of themes and concepts never previously identified.

Natural Language Processing

Going beyond keywords to understand what people really mean - automatically discovering and extracting domain-specific concepts and relationships.

Industry & Company Ontologies

Accurate and accelerated understanding through specialist ontology and taxonomy referencing.

Statistical Significance Testing

Confidently report the resulting patterns and insights by knowing they are statistically representative.