Software that learns your business.


Discover insights and find the critical underlying meaning from patterns throughout your unstructured and structured customer data..... in seconds.

Transform the integrity of your customer insights by finding themes and concepts that are undetectable using traditional 'rules based' analytics.



Recover exponentially more value from your existing customer platforms and data sources by using all your data, regardless of source - customer narratives, customer data, transactional data.

Discover the Real Potential in Your Customer Data


Unstructured Data


Unstructured data is a gold mine of insights and knowledge only if the underlying meaning, context and relevancy can be reliably uncovered and explained.

Limitations in Text Analytics, sentiment focused analytics and manual coding produce incomplete and misleading results.

Ipiphany™ automatically discovers complete, relevant and trusted insights.    


Simply Software

No set-up, no maintenance, no development or ongoing professional services required. Just load your data and go. 

Find the right answers to your toughest customer challenges simply, with data from your existing platforms, investments and business systems.

Structured Data

 1 + 1 = 3

Structured and unstructured data is best analyzed together.

Simultaneous analysis, including reference data sources, exposes meaningful root causes with unrivaled context, relevancy and validation

Ipiphany™ makes it possible.


Don't Play by the Rules

Get the complete picture by finding patterns in your customer data that rules-based analytics cannot find.

Only Ipiphany discovers the things you didn't know, you didn't know.

Our Clients & Partners

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