Ipiphany, 100% customer focused Artificial Intelligence for your organization

Traditional customer analysis methods, including text analytics, inherently make compromises that create incomplete and degraded customer insights. With i3 processing, only Ipiphany delivers trustworthy and COMPLETE customer insights.

Product Features

Completely Different

Ipiphany performs the complete analysis of your customer data that other software or methods simply can't:

  • Analyzes ALL relevant customer data combinations, not just a selective sample
  • Efficiently analyzes structured and unstructured data in a single simultaneous process
  • Automatically mines insights
  • Automatically learns and refines insights over time as more customer data is analyzed
  • Supports non-sentiment-based business measures and impact calculations to give insights immediate context
    and relevance
  • Provides 'One click' explanation and customer validation that support all published insights
  • Finds and understands patterns and customer themes that are undetectable using 'rules based' analytics

Completely Confident

Only with complete analysis and highly applicable insights comes complete confidence in dealing decisively with the customer issues that impact your business: 

  • 'Hard data' becomes immediately available to validate executive decision making
  • Pinpointing, rather than generalizing, where to invest, to reduce customer service channel costs
  • Separate the primary drivers of customer churn from secondary drivers and symptomatic evidence
  • Quickly pinpoint, at a very granular level, break downs in process that lead to poor customer experience
  • Highlights how digital assets are performing and what improvements are required
  • Easily measure and showcase the direct impact of customer experience using time, cost, NPS and other metrics



All key CUSTOMER analysis applications are catered for Instant insight from unstructured data right across your organization - Customer Surveys, Complaints, CRM and Case notes, Social Media, Chat and Chatbot transcripts, Contact Centre Recordings, Emails and messaging
User Features
Easy to use Web Interface Users only need internet access and a standard web browser to access the Ipiphany™ application.
Interactive Data Exploration Interactively explore your data in real time using graphs and tables to visualize patterns and data summaries.
Automated Insight Mining Users need only identify their objective and in minutes Ipiphany analyzes millions of data combinations to provide unbiased answers, explanations, and priorities for action.
Drill down for deep analysis Maximise understanding by going deeper into interesting subsets of your data by clicking on relevant patterns or manually applying attribute, keyword and concept filters.
Interactive Narrative Visualizations Easily explore and compare narratives, key themes, and relationships that exist in unstructured data using effective visualization options such as heat maps.
Explain Patterns & Root Causes Gain deeper understanding of the underlying root causes by viewing the explanations in the form of key verbatim concepts and themes
Linked Narratives/Examples Easily understand and interpret the resulting patterns or underlying concepts and themes by viewing the most relevant example customer narratives.
Verbatim Highlighting and Keyword in Context Speed up reading and understanding of verbatim examples by displaying relevant snippets with the key words and phrases highlighted. For fast scanning, the KWIC (Keyword in Context) mode displays relevant verbatim examples that can be understood within in a 2-3 second scan of the page.
Pattern Trends Understand how issues and patterns are changing over time by viewing trend charts of volumes, relative frequency, and key metrics.
Cross Tabs Quickly understand how key metrics differ across any structured or unstructured data segments using crosstabs.
Impact and Relevance Calculations Prioritise your time and attention on the most important and interesting insights by easily sorting patterns by impact, relevance, frequency, or target metrics.
1-click Export Easily export resulting tables, graphs and example verbatim for inclusion in reports with a single click.