i3 Cognitive Processing Technology

The Technology Behind Ipiphany™


At the heart of Ipiphany™ lies powerful i3 Cognitive Processing technology combining natural language processing, semantic understanding, machine learning and ongoing knowledge learning.

i3 automatically introduces publicly available data sources, as well as industry-specific ontologies to it's analysis, efficiently processing and learning from the billions of combinations and relationships that exist across your unstructured and structured customer data. With i3 processing, Ipiphany™ only delivers trustworthy and COMPLETE customer insights.


i3 processing makes Ipiphany™ analysis fast. So fast and so easy in fact that it can transform the way decision making across your organization is influenced by customer intelligence.

With i3 performing thousands of 'analyst hours' work in just 1, Ipiphany™ gives you the missing capacity and capability to place supporting analysis, quality customer insight and validation confidently behind daily decisions around your business. 


Adopt Ipiphany's™ i3 processing as the benchmark for customer analytics in your organization.

i3 processing is repeatable, scalable and accessible, removing the human bias in coding customer narratives and unstructured data.  For executives, it provides governance and confidence through consistency in approach between different insights projects, for different stakeholders.

I3 Relevance Engine | Key Features


Analyzes structured and unstructured data Easily analyze complex, multi-dimensional structured and unstructured data to find the most important insights and issues that can be used drive smarter business decisions.
Machine Learning Use machine learning to automatically discover and filter the most important patterns with respect to nominated business objectives.
Natural Language Processing Go beyond keywords and understand what people mean - through natural language processing and cognitive computing that automatically discover and extract domain-specific concepts and the relationships between them.
Semantic Understanding Ensure that important patterns and themes don't go undiscovered through the application of semantic processing that encodes the meaning of words and themes.
Industry/Company Ontologies Improve accuracy and speed up understanding through the use of industry and company specific ontologies and taxonomies.
Theme Extraction Discover the unknown-unknowns through automated discovery of themes and concepts not previously identified.
Statistical Significance Testing Maximize confidence in the resulting insights through automated statistical testing of all resulting patterns

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