Pioneering cognitive analytics for enterprise

Fast. Impactful. Precise

Ipiphany™ is a cognitive analytics platform, exposing for human collaborators the critical underlying meaning, relevance and insight from previously undiscovered interconnections in structured and unstructured customer data. Substantiate and be able to connect easily and directly your KPI's with what customers really mean.

Unstructured Data Mining

Answer the question of what actually drives the fortunes of your organization. Mine every drop of structured and unstructured data together to expose the patterns and themes that underpin very specific and previously inaccessible insights. Use Ipiphany™ to shine the light on:

  • Customer surveys
  • CRM notes
  • Chat transcripts
  • Social Media
  • Call recordings

Extract meaning not just keywords

Written and spoken communications contain high value information that is not typically found in other data sources. Ipiphany™ uses natural language processing and cognitive computing to understand what people mean - not just what they say. Ipiphany™ automatically discovers and extracts domain-specific concepts and the relationships between them.

Fast Automated Insight Discovery and Validation

Save time on endless coding and cross tabs in search of relevant insights. Eliminate the risks of human bias and error associated with manual methodologies. Identify your objective and in literally minutes watch Ipiphany™ automate the discovery of patterns across all combinations of your structured and unstructured data. See which ones impact your objectives the most profoundly.

Business User Friendly

Unlike other tools that are predominately 'analyst' focused Ipiphany™ exposes patterns that are easy for business users to understand interpret and communicate. Explain and illustrate key insights and root causes using relevant narratives extracted from spoken and written human communications recorded in your data. Promote understanding of insights and of their underlying patterns to accelerate decisions and actions.

Visualize and Explore Verbatim

A picture paints a thousand words and Ipiphany™ includes very effective visualization options such as heat mapping to make it easy for users to understand, explore and compare the narratives, key themes and relationships that exist in unstructured data.
Ipiphany™ lets you understand the story behind the numbers.

Comparing Ipiphany™ to other analytical products and processes


Reporting and Dashboard tools

Text Analytics software

Data Mining software


Target User: Business Manager, Analyst Analyst Data Scientist Business Manager, Analyst
Unstructured Text Data part
Structured Data
Processing / Analytics:        
Text Analytics / Concept Extraction part
Natural Language Processing part
Semantic Processing part part
Concept Extraction
Automated Pattern Mining part part
Statistical Significance Testing part
Explainable Patterns part
Outputs / Usability:        
Interface Drag and Drop API, Scripting, Query Based Scripting, Console Point & Click
Low User Effort part
Report/Dashboard Builder
Interactive Exploration part
Linked Narratives/Examples part