Turning customer data
into competitive advantage

A pioneering mission to integrate machine learning, text analytics and natural language processing and to create world class cognitive analytics software gave birth to Ipiphany™ in 2014. The journey has only just begun but with Ipiphany™ and its underlying i³ Relevance technology, never before have organizations been able to leverage their customer's structured and unstructured customer data more quickly or more precisely to direct transformative high value decision making

About us

The data problem worth solving

"Time is money" they say, and never has this been more true than for organizations now turning to their customer data as a key source for securing sustainable competitive advantage.

Whether reducing churn, a transformational change program, driving channel efficiency, cost cutting, product management or customer experience improvement - customer data is not in short supply.

Combining structured and unstructured data analysis delivers the richest insights but historically organizations simply don't have the budget or analytical horsepower to deliver the most considered and valuable insights sufficiently quickly to translate them into focused action and competitive advantage.

The Ipiphany™ Difference

Ipiphany™ integrates AI and other analytical techniques to do the work of thousands of data scientists in a fraction of the time. Analysing often hundreds of millions of combinations of structured and unstructured data in any single analysis, Ipiphany™ automatically delivers real insight real fast.

An Ipiphany™ insight is precise, free from human bias and importantly whether you are an analyst, a consultant or a business user, is easy to understand, explain, validate and explore further.

Each Ipiphany™ insight is presented for you according to its capacity to impact or contribute to the goals of your organization, making it easy to build your case for action, manage scope, reduce risk and maximise return on investment.

The heart of Ipiphany™

At the heart of Ipiphany™ lies the i³ relevance engine. As the name suggests, its unique combination of simultaneous natural language processing (NLP), text analytics and Machine Learning allows Ipiphany™ to deliver organizations with exponentially faster, more specific and more relevant insights from a broad palette of structured and unstructured data together. i³ achieves what is impossible from traditional resources and analytical methodologies, exposing the most profound competitive and commercial opportunities from historically latent customer data.

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